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About Us

Conrad Health-Guard Products Pte. Ltd. is an integrative modernized company established in Singapore. We have our Research & Development (R&D) with a GMP factory possessing strictest scientific and technological pharmacy standard globally. Conrad Health-Guard aims to deliver online healthcare solution for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment internationally. Welcome Contact us online 24/7.

We unite with Chinese herbalist doctors and experts from branded academic research centers specializing in curing all thyroid disorders. We liaised with well-established Companies to form a global distribution network.


Scope of Business

To wide-distribute our owned natural healthcare products to all ages who suffer thyroid disease and other endocrine related illness. Our Products those are with no aseptic, nonpoisonous, no chemical medicine composition to our clients in need with care.

Our Direction - Business Objectives

Encourage Natural Therapy

Advanced Technology

We are Against Chemical Drugs Side effect. Our product ingredients are extracted from high quality of herbs and related, so some thyroid gland disorder patients take HealthGuard T18 as a functional food daily to help stay healthy and away from re-infection. Such as HealthGuard T18 does help patients to fully recover from hyperthyroidism without any prior operation.

Modernize the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Support - We encourage Long-distance Chinese Medicine Treatment System technology - RCPDS. It combines the Chinese Herbalist resources and the clinics overseas effectively on a Long-distance remote diagnosis with a user-friendly videoconference system.

Personal Assistant

Continuous Improvement
We offer promotional campaigns so to lessen clients’ heavy medical cost burden. We do email Q&As.
Our business model not just on selling but pursue an Advanced Wellness Support. We do a clinic-like approach to follow up patient’s medical status with our practical system. Better CRM but most important is we concern our patients' improvement progress.
Social Responsibility
Worldwide Healthcare Development
We frequently join exhibitions to deliver healthcare messages to public. We increase our support to help educate general public about merits and proper application of natural herbal and functional food for health.

Global Distribution Network We care each individual as your healthcare personal assistant. Patients find us serve well clinical services and keep good product image for Thyroid gland disorders. Moreover, self-service diagnosis following our precise instruction from website is available.

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