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Home | T18 Guide | Hypothyroidism -- After Thyroidectomy
How are you improved during HealthGuard T18 Treatments?

Most after thyroidectomy patients are tired. Estimated number of Treatments to experience your key improvements from Hypothyroid - after Thyroidectomy as shown. Treatments duration may vary with each individual’s health condition &related living environment.

How to take HealthGuard T18?
1. Normally take 12 capsules of HealthGuard T18 daily. (4 capsules per time. 3 times per day. )
2. Separate 2 hours before/after taking chemical drugs.
Note: You may ask to reduce the dose of Thyroxine, hormone replacement medication when you have noted hyperthyroid symptoms or signs occured. After lowered down the dosage of Thyroxine, symptoms such as 'heat' feeling inside body, hands/fingers shaking, sweating and fast heart beat could be vanished.
Patient can not get full recovery. HealthGuard T18 will help resume the most function of thyroid gland back to normal.
Keep regular blood test. Doctors will decrease the Thyroxine dose according to patients' blood test result. Reduce the thyroxine when having hyperthyroid symptoms. Patients can take HealthGuard T18 alone, after stop taking all prescription drugs.

Avoid to do:

Should not stop taking Thyroxine or hormone replacement. (Doctors will decrease the Thyroxine quantity according to patients' blood test result.)

Patients need to avoid SOY if they have nodules in neck before. Avoid iced-food, iced-drink daily. Avoid drinking iced water 1 hour before & after taken “HealthGuard T18”.

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