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How many treatment(s) is/are suggested? *** Strictly for Reference only ***

  1. Select one answer for each question, do not play backward.
  2. Follow each Red Color question next.
  3. Once, the "SUGGESTION" prompted at bottom, take as reference.
  4. To try again, click "BACK" button of browser then re-start.
  5. If you want to know more in details about your case, please provide your latest and history of blood test reports, and diagnosis/medical review record, and contact us now.
Q1) Do you have Thyroid Symptoms?
Q2) (4 basic treatments help maintenance and/or symptoms improvement!) Do you have Goiter or Enlarged Neck?
Q3) Do you have Eye Protruding?
A) Do you have Antibodies Diagnosed?
B) Do you have Nodules or lumps found
C) Do you have Thyroid problem over 6 months?


Summary of Treatment Suggestion:

For T3, T4 and TSH are normal but with nodules:

Est. min. of HG T18

1. size similar to green bean, soft when touch

4 Treatments

2. size similar to peanut, soft when touch

6-8 Treatments

3. size similar to pigeon egg, feel elastic when touch

8-10 Treatments

4. size similar to egg, feel elastic when touch

10-12 Treatments

5. For multinodules, hard nodules, feel solid when touch

12-15 Treatments

6. size extremely large and lumps in neck

> 15 Treatments

Above data for reference only, some patients after finished the treatments if still get slightly symptoms please keep taking. Since thyroid disease is very toughly, patients stop taking HealthGuard T18 only under the condition of total recovery.

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