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Online Price: US$360.00 per set

Life Plus is a Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic health device.

Targeted Benefits:

-Improve Microcirculation of diabetes patients.

-Help prevents diabetic foot ulceration.

-Improve Blood quality.

-Smooth Blood vessels.

-Obvious increase Blood perfusion in brain

-Improve the perfusion function

-Improve Hypothyroidism symptoms. >>> Detail

Body-builder(Toxin Fighter) - Online Price: USD270.00 per treatment

Body Builder

In Chinese Medicine, lymphoma is caused by imbalance of vital energy and blood. "Body Builder" is proven effective for balancing metabolism, restoring health condition of the circulation system and discharging toxic materials inside the lymphatic system. The lymphatic nodules and lymphoma will be diminished and disappear finally and the symptoms will be released sharply. >>> Detail

US$270.00 (for 6 boxes in one Treatment)

Online Price: USD498.00 per treatment

Ginseng Sungjangwon Kicker Gold

Ginseng Sungjangwon Kicker Gold - In single South Korea market, Kicker gains sales volume that has exceeded 1 hundred million HK dollars every year . Kicker provides good n utrition matrix for children so to maximize a higher quality of growth effect. Kicker has South Korea patent, already succeed ed development in healt h food industry in South Korea . The patent formula contains GSW extracts certainly enriches the growth particularly good to skeleton growth.

It contains herb extracts, vitamins, nutrients and especially calcium nutrition as a supplement to children daily . With a choco favour, it suits aged 5 to 18 easy taste good to take as a long-term supplement . It promotes an opportunity in the growth process to advance 5 to 15 centimeter. >>> Detail

Per treatment contains: 15 g x 20 pack x 9 box

Various stylish design including Boxer, Boxer Brief, Brief, Thong and colors. Price from US$9.99up only! (Out of Stock)

King Style Men's Pouched Underpants

Pouched underpants is a brand new invention for men's health. It has a specially make Pouch design . It provides complete stylish design including Boxer, Boxer Brief, Brief, Thong and etc. Unlike general pants, the material used is of US Lycra or Lycrasoft that highly promotes health concept. It serves the masculine feels comfortable on s crotum when puts on pants even for a long time.

This new underpants are now in market in various patents country like Japan , Singapore , US, Taiwan . Once in the Markets, the design receive s innumerable high praises from consumers. The pouched underpants soon leads the wo rld masculine underpants market and as the mainstream >>> Detail

Main Characteristics :
1. Conform to the kinesiology
2. Make perfect comfort for men who have long hours, with outdoor work
3. Perfect ventilation so to void eczema and skin disease
4. Protect male in growth, a prevention of in active of sperms


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